Privacy-friendly solution for tracking and engaging with customers

BlueFox Engage is a privacy-friendly alternative to mobile applications that track consumer location continuously. Engage alerts a business if a consumer is in proximity to a business’s location. After an initial registration on a web page, the business is notified via the Engage APIs when a consumer arrives at a business location with the BlueFox location sensor,

Engage provides the location services and is compatible with campaign management systems that send offers via SMS, messenger solutions, or email. Engage delivers a landing page from the access point on the BlueFox sensor physically located at the business. The landing page, designed by the business, simply embeds a tiny BlueFox javascript snippet that shares the phone’s MAC address with BlueFox.


Once customer returns to any store location, the BlueFox sensor there alerts BlueFox Engage 


BlueFox Engage then notifies the campaign management solution


Campaign management solution sends a communication to the customer


Customer receives the communication on their mobile device

When the consumer (1) returns to any “BigDaddy Ice Cream” location, (2) the BlueFox sensor alerts Engage, (3) which notifies BigDaddy’s campaign management solution, and (4) a communication can be sent.  Don’t train your consumers to ignore your messages as always irrelevant; only send them when a returning consumer is in proximity.

Limitless scenarios are possible:

  1. Send coupons when a consumer is near a store other than their “usual store”; the consumer may not know that another store is nearby.
  2. Send coupons only when a consumer is near a store AND a favorite team has just scored a goal–or their team’s competitor has just scored a goal.
  3. Send coupons only on a consumer’s second or third visit–or when a consumer has not been to a store in over 3 weeks.

BlueFox Customers have total control over the campaign to persuade consumers to register, over the landing page consumers see, and over the campaigns pursued.

Engage provides location service to ensure that your communication is sent at the optimal time. Engage is privacy-friendly: consumers don’t need to install a mobile application that will continuously track a consumer’s location via GPS.

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