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The BlueFox product line is a cloud-based foot traffic analytics service that delivers real time and historical analytics.  We deliver data via BlueFox APIs, BlueFox mobile apps, the BlueFox web dashboard,  PDF documents, and third-party visualization tools.  

Because mobile phones are ubiquitous, we can use the presence of mobile phones as an excellent proxy for the presence of people. The analytics service passively collects Wi-Fi signals using both BlueFox proprietary sensors and third-party sensors (e.g. BrightSign digital signage media players).

BlueFox products measure visits by anonymous people, using mobile phones as a proxy. We measure the presence of people’s mobile phones using passive sensors that update cloud servers approximately every 20 seconds.  BlueFox cloud software aggregates measurements at a grain of 15 minutes for every hour of every day.  We use a variety of heuristics to distinguish, for example, between visitors and passerbys, such as between window shoppers, shoppers, and retail staff. 

BlueFox Count

BlueFox Count, without knowing anything about the visitors (not even their mobile phone number), measures how many people are in a space and how many visits begin and end each quarter hour.  We deliver this data in realtime via our APIs, mobile apps, and web dashboard.  Count offers 90% accuracy through a simple calibration process that accounts for the idiosyncrasies of a space.

BlueFox Analyze

BlueFox Analyze provides more complex measurements, such as how long each person stays (“dwell time”), the number of unique visitors, and the frequency at which these unique visitors return. We report these results in aggregate. Users of our service can use the BlueFox dashboard to visualize results or download data for analysis using advanced visualization tools like Tableau™.

BlueFox Convert

BlueFox Convert measures foot traffic between locations that may be any distance apart, generally accumulating data over several days. One use of “Convert” campaigns is to measure the impact of advertising to increase foot traffic to a target store.

BlueFox Flow

BlueFox Flow measures foot traffic over the course of a single day to track customer journeys from place to place in areas like airports or shopping malls.   Flow aggregates the journeys of consumers to understand how they travel within a space and how much time they spend at each location.

BlueFox Engage

The final BlueFox product, Engage, asks for an opt-in from consumers. If a consumer visits a retail store (e.g. “Lux”) and opts in to use the Lux service using his/her mobile phone, BlueFox provides an alert to the store each time the consumer returns to the same store, or another store in the Lux chain. The store typically uses this notification to send the consumer a text message via SMS or a messaging application, often with an offer or a coupon to motivate a follow-on purchase.

Unlike broadcast messages, Engage messages engage the consumer because they are timely and relevant, arriving when the consumer is in proximity to a specific store’s location…or in proximity to any store in the chain. Engage is privacy-friendly in comparison to mobile applications because it does not require the consumer to download a mobile application that will continuously track a consumer’s location via GPS to achieve the same result. Technologies using bluetooth beacons also impose the download of an app.  Instead BlueFox simply reports when the consumer is present.

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