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BlueFox at the National Retail Fair 2018 is a proud sponsor of the NRF 2018 Retail's big show!

Come and discover BlueFox Engage, an engagement solution like no other – with no Apps, no Beacons, and it’s privacy-friendly!

Engage marks a new era of customer engagement and analytics for Retail, Brands, Hospitality and Smart Cities.

Request a time slot and let’s meet at our booth to see it in action!
We hope to see you in New York! 

The Engagers

September 20, 2017Comments are off for this post. sponsors Retail Innovation Lounge at 2017 is a proud sponsor of the Retail Innovation Lounge at 2017. Our team will be showing better and simpler mobile Engagement, and we hope to see you there!

The Retail Innovation Lounge is a lounge and learn experience at where innovators and disruptors are connected in a cool space with a relaxed vibe.

You'll experience the next level of the future of retail by exploring convergent commerce with new solutions, concepts and authentic conversations. Topics include: retail, brand, technology, marketing, media and entertainment — all revolving around the mission of moving retail into the future. We hope to see you at our booth at!

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When Brands and Gas Stations Use BlueFox Engage to Bring Customers Back to Their Stores

Before today’s pumps, people used to fill up their tank, shop at the convenience store when paying for their gas, and then leave. Nowadays, customers usually just pay at the pump and leave. This evolution results in significant revenue loss for gas station grocery stores and for the brands that sell products there. Another common problem for gas stations is not knowing how many people come to their location.

Bring Customers Back Inside The Shop With BlueFox Engage

With BlueFox Engage, customers

  • Arrive at the pump,
  • See the current store promotion on a display,
  • Opt-in with their phone in seconds to be part of the promotional program,
  • Receive a coupon on their phone and redeem it at the store immediately,
  • Often purchase additional products once inside the store,
  • Get promotions on their phone when they come back next time.

All of this with no app to download, and in any gas station running the same promotional campaign.


Bring customers back to your store

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How BlueFox Engage Is Setup

We setup one tiny Engage sensor per gas station. Our sensor does not even need to be connected to the location’s Wi-Fi. All we need is a power outlet!

The promotional campaign is setup using our easy-to-use Campaign Management portal, with parameters such as logos, images, messages, frequencies, etc. Our portal provides our clients (gas station chains or brands) with all the key analytics they need to measure the Marketing/Business efficiency of their campaigns and demonstrate ROI.



Case studies have shown up to:

  • 3x more visits into the gas station store when equipped with BlueFox Engage
  • 96% program loyalty
  • 10x ROI (Revenue generated vs Cost of Engage)

To learn more, please contact us, we'll be thrilled to help!

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March 1, 2017Comments are off for this post. Receives 2017 Murphy Award is honored and thrilled to receive the 2017 Murphy Award by the Sunnyvale Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce. This award recognizes the "Outstanding Statistical Retail Technology" offered by BlueFox.

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