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BlueFox introduces its social distancing solution for BrightSign players

BlueFox has teamed up with BrightSign to offer a comprehensive social distancing solution for companies and organizations having to manage strict capacity guidelines

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How BlueFox Helps Sodexo Regain Normalcy in a Socially Distant World

Putting safety and security is at the forefront for Sodexo as they start to reopen its restaurants and respecting social distancing measures plays an important role in ensuring a safe environment for their employees, clients and customers.   

Sodexo restaurant occupancy to promote social distancingMonitoring traffic flow is key. 

The BlueFox Count solution notifies onsite teams promptly when safe restaurant capacity is about to be exceeded. When this occurs, an alert is automatically sent to the on duty restaurant manager’s phone to ensure necessary safety protocols can proactively be administered.

Furthermore, the occupancy rate of the restaurant can also be shared with employees, clients, and customers via a website or mobile app to help with the continuous regulation of incoming traffic and allow guests to make informed decisions even before they arrive.

Sodexo Logo"At Sodexo, we are fully mobilized on the global campaign against COVID-19 and the health and safety of our employees, clients, and customers is our utmost priority. We are continuing to reinforce our security and safety measures including social distancing guidelines for our onsite teams.  

BlueFox helps to reinforce these guidelines by providing real-time information on restaurant capacity.  We’ve started to deploy the Count solution at numerous locations in the US, and across the globe, as part of our FM service offer in response to the COVID-19 situation."

Isabelle Hannedouche, Senior VP for Business Improvement & Growth Support

Sodexo Digital Signage Occupancy to promote social distancingTwo years ago, Sodexo teamed up with Bluefox to test just such a solution. Using advanced smartphone proximity detection, BlueFox provides Sodexo restaurant operators with real-time occupancy and location-based data. And for simplicity’s sake, the technology is cloud-based, privacy-friendly (GDPR compliant), and requires no apps or beacons. 

Since then, the solution has been deployed at numerous locations in the US and across the globe.

Read more about How BlueFox Helps Sodexo Improve Efficiency and Consumer Experiences on Sodexo's website.

Learn more about BlueFox Count Social Distancing Edition.

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Businesses can promote social distancing during shelter-in-place…and prepare for the aftermath

Get real-time alerts by text message when too many people gather at your locations

BlueFox solutions notify the on-site team promptly when the number of people in a store or in a public place exceeds a preset threshold.

With the measures being put in place to reduce the COVID-19 spread,  such as limitations on the number of people in public places including stores and offices, we present to you the perfect solution for your business: BlueFox Count.

BlueFox Count app for Social distancingThis solution is ideal for any business that needs to monitor traffic flow and ensure that an area does not get too crowded, allowing businesses to properly adhere to social distancing mandates.

Once shelter-in-place orders are lifted, most jurisdictions will probably move to progressive deconfinement.  While businesses will reopen, social distancing is likely to remain in place for some time at offices, campus restaurants, and stores in order to make sure that COVID-19 does not continue to spread.

A single BlueFox sensor can cover an area of up to 30,000 square feet (3,000 square meters). The sensor is easily deployed with our mobile app and comes in two flavors: one that connects to the Internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and one that also offers a cellular connection (using a SIM card with data plan).

BlueFox sensingBlueFox solution senses all the mobile devices located within a distance of up to 100 feet (30 meters) from the sensor and reports how many phones detected within the space. The range can be reduced to adapt to smaller locations and “always-on” devices can be excluded from the data, thanks to our SmartDetect feature.

All of this is done in a privacy-friendly manner, compliant with regulations including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Alerts can be sent immediately by SMS (text message) to a location’s supervisor. Businesses with more than one location can set a distinct mobile number for each location, and anyone with the BlueFox app can also receive alerts via push notification.

Additionally, BlueFox makes available API and Webhooks to integrate this data into existing dashboards and other relevant business systems. For example, retailers can present real-time store occupancy information directly on their corporate website to better regulate incoming traffic, checkout queue length, and resulting wait times.

Westlake ACE Hardware

"We tried BlueFox's social distancing solution in our first store. It took less than an hour to install and started returning real-time data right away. We validated their numbers and were able to confirm the accuracy to be above 90%."

John A., Senior Director, Operations Support, Westlake ACE Hardware.

Pricing and availability

This special Social Distancing Edition of our BlueFox Count app, featuring real-time alerts, is priced at $240 per year per sensor (excluding sensor hardware) and is available today.

BlueFox sensors with ethernet and Wi-Fi cost $99; sensors with a cellular modem cost $299. BrightSign digital signage media players can also support BlueFox Count.

To learn more about the BlueFox Count product, please see our online FAQ. For additional questions or to place an order, contact us here.

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How BlueFox helps its customers to predict foot-traffic during Covid-19 epidemic?

The Covid-19 epidemic appears poised to cause havoc with businesses that depend on foot traffic.  BlueFox can help companies cope by accurately measuring foot traffic for informed decisions.  Companies will need to react, but we can help them neither underreact nor overreact.

Traffic in stores and shopping malls has been impacted in geographies already affected by the virus. Retailers with stores across a country or a continent can monitor--on a per-location basis--traffic variations to better predict how traffic will evolve in the coming days and to make the appropriate staffing adjustments.

Sodexo, a $25B global food services company, uses BlueFox to monitor customer traffic at their corporate and university campus cafeterias.  Sodexo uses this real-time data to manage food preparation volumes, helping to minimize food waste and improve margins.

Advertising is one of the first expenses that companies cut when the target audience is unpredictable.  BlueFox lets advertisers measure outdoor advertising accurately and adjust the campaign cost to the actual audience of the ad campaign.

Common to all BlueFox customers, foot-traffic is the fuel of their businesses.  Having accurate real-time footfall data allows them to make more informed decisions to drive their operations when visibility is otherwise low.

How do you leverage your foot-traffic data to improve your business?

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Pick’n’Watch Adds BlueFox Foot-traffic Analytics to its Product Sales Booster

Embedding top-of-funnel foot-traffic data into customer “touch analytics”

Pick’n’Watch markets an innovative retail solution that triggers product videos and other messaging based on the product the customer touches on the shelf. In addition to increasing sales conversions, the solution collects extensive analytics about product interactions.

Leveraging the BlueFox API, Pick’n’Watch now embeds foot-traffic analytics into its dashboard. From one screen, Pick’n’Watch customers can gain a complete understanding of overall store traffic, close-by audience, number of product interactions, and bottom-of-the-funnel POS data.

Pick'n'Watch dashboard featuring BlueFox data

See a demo of the Pick’n’Watch and BlueFox combined solutions at Grocery Shop, September 15-18, 2019 in Las Vegas. Visit the Pick’n’Watch website.

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Change your digital signage messaging dynamically, based on real-time traffic

Now Signagelive can leverage BlueFox webhook push notifications to trigger dynamic digital display content changes based on the size of the audience within sensor range. BlueFox technology can be embedded directly into the device when running on a BrightSign media player, or you can use a dedicated BlueFox sensor.

Read the Signagelive support article

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Keboola Adds BlueFox Foot-traffic Analytics to its Platform

Offering foot-traffic data feed to KPIs to analyze and predict business

Keboola and BlueFox have teamed up recently to provide foot-traffic analytics in the Keboola dashboard. BlueFox data can now be combined with any of the hundreds of data sources Keboola supports -- e.g., POS systems, and weather data, marketing, and CRM platforms -- including Mailchimp, Salesforce, and Google and Facebook ad management.

Example of Keboola dashboard leveraging BlueFox foot-traffic data

“Keboola's integration with BlueFox makes it easy to add BlueFox analytics to our customers’ data environments, to be combined with other data sources or analyzed in a way only they can think of,” said Milan Veverka, Partner at Keboola. “Our first deployment with Roti is a great use case for using restaurant foot-traffic as a measure of the combined result of marketing campaigns, weather, and other factors.”

"Adding the BlueFox sensor feed into our Keboola data platform provides Roti with real-time insight into guest traffic and customer visit patterns like never before.” added Jeff Miller, VP of Technology at Roti Modern Mediterranean. “We will be able to know which campaigns are driving customer frequency!"

“Our partnership with Keboola is a perfect example of ‘the whole being greater than the sum of its parts,’ said Fred Renard, COO at BlueFox. “Being able to mash up numerous data feeds and deliver actionable business insights empowers Keboola clients to become data-driven companies.”

Read more about Roti Modern Mediterranean leveraging the Keboola data hub

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Hammerson’s Nicetoile shopping mall leverages BlueFox solution to measure the success of its art exhibit

Hammerson used the Bluefox solution to measure traffic for a special art exhibit in its Nicetoile shopping mall, in Nice, France. Hammerson has begun presenting art exhibitions in its shopping malls to boost traffic by promoting art and culture to visitors via interactive experiences.

In summer 2018, Nicetoile held an exhibit of the late artist Yves Klein’s classic post-war European paintings, reimagined via augmented reality.

The company needed detailed audience data to measure the success of the exhibit. BlueFox mobile phone detection technology provides a simple, cost-effective solution.

Download the Hammerson case study

Photo Credit: Centre Commercial - Nicetoile (Facebook)

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Customer Spotlight: Sodexo Smart Cafe

Following successful technology trials this past year, BlueFox is happy to announce a global partnership with Sodexo where's technology is placed inside cafeterias and other eateries to help site operators plan operating hours more efficiently, react to peaks in customer visitation, and reduce food waste. Sodexo serves millions of meals around the world each day and its customers include universities, corporate campuses, and airport lounges. See what BlueFox can do for the Hospitality market

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The 4 Must-have Real-time Audience Analytics Advertisers Need

The industry’s leading advertising networks make use of insightful audience foot traffic analytics to give them a better understanding of consumers and ad efficiencies. As Yoann El Jaouhari, managing director of JCDecaux Cityscape observes, “We can see a trend whereby DOOH is also being used more creatively, pushing contextual dynamic contents to specific audiences, and also complementing social media campaigns, either through integration or through content creation.”

It’s time for you to level the playing field. Solutions provide real-time audience data at your fingertips, empowering your network and your clients, whether it is out-of-home (OOH) media or digital signages.  So, without further ado, here are the four must-have real-time audience analytics (stick around for a bonus!) that will empower brands and advertising networks to deliver effective and conversion-driving ads:

Getting audience exposure is a common and imperative practice to assess ad efficiency and give advertisers and agencies an overview of foot traffic in ad spaces.

How do we do it? Simple. sensors evaluates traffic by counting smartphones. It has never been that easy to measure audience exposure. We track “real time” and “over time” Opportunity To See (OTS) counts (example: current video wall OTS is 12, total since 8:30 AM is 144)

Location Density
Location density data delves deeper into multi-location advertising campaigns. With location density analytics, advertisers and agencies can determine which advertising campaign location yield the best audience exposure. Examples of location density analytics include viewing hotspots and top traffic clusters to evaluate and test the efficiency of your campaign.

This can enhance the advertising strategy and planning process. Knowing the distribution and audience exposure is great for increasing ad efficiency but we can do better.

Dwell Time
In a recent research, it was found that 55 percent of people who viewed a digital signage could recall the specific message displayed every time they passed one. Audience dwell time shows how long customers stay engaged with the advertising media.

There are many reasons to use dwell times, mainly, to refine test media and generating advertising insights. A/B testing multiple creatives can show you which asset has the highest retention rate. Also, tracking recurring traffic patterns and identifying "premium" advertising hours, days, or season can give you a great level of precision for your campaign management.

Advertising efficiency rates evaluations are greatly improved using dwell time analytics.

Frequency and Cumulative Unique Reach
What’s your playlist strategy? Commercial Integrator says an effective frequency is 4 - 7 times. Measuring impression frequency rates will help advertisers and brands understand the amount of times an individual has been exposed to the ad media. (example: of the 1,234 people who were around our ad over the past 72 hours, 321 of them had never seen it before).

Tracking cumulative impressions and unique reach would reveal the number of new/unique audience that the ad is targeting. This insight is absolutely imperative in helping brands and agencies determine when their ad campaign has hit its saturation point. Also, different messages can be sent to a consumer for each successive exposure to your messages.

Click to download our Digital Signage Handbook

Bonus! The Audience Analytics Sample Report 

Thanks for sticking around, here is the bonus as promised! As part of the suite of solutions, we generate a report of the different audience foot traffic analytics to help advertising networks communicate the campaign results to their clients and brands. On top of the 4 metrics mentioned, there are many more insightful and actionable analytics included in the report, for example, week/month impression breakdown.

While our clients use their real-time audience analytics to measure and optimize their ad efficiency, they are also successful in engaging with their audience through our proximity-based customer engagement solution. Stay tuned for our next article on how our clients have managed to establish and maintain strong customer relationship through proximity-based messaging!



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