VivaTechnology 2017 - Paris

We exhibited at the VivaTech event in Paris, with 50,000+ attendees and 7,000 CEOs

We presented at the CarreFour Retail Innovation Lab and were featured at the Sodexo and Pentalog booths. The opportunity was perfect for us to launch BlueFox Count.  The overall reaction was fantastic and uplifting. Thank you to those who invited us and to our visitors.

Here are some images of BlueFox Count on stage at VivaTech and our real live demo at our booth.

VivaTechnology Paris |


VivaTechnology Paris |


BlueFox Count now Available for Purchase

Whether you are in the retail, transportation or tourism vertical, BlueFox Count is the one solution you need to count foot traffic in real-time. With our mobile app, you can view historical data and trigger alerts and actions when traffic reaches the limit you set, all


With our API's, applications are limitless!