Make better-informed business decisions

BlueFox helps you understand the presence and movement of people in a space so that your business can make better decisions.

Understand where visitors are and how they circulate.  Anticipate their behavior and plan for it.  Manage better by being better informed.

foot-traffic analytics dashboard

Protect your customers from overcrowding.

Know the occupancy of your spaces, so you can predict future occupancy and protect occupants. Undertake special precautions when occupancy levels demand it. 

Maximize safety of staff and customers while minimizing costs of compliance.

Trusted by

Respect consumer privacy. And GDPR.

BlueFox was designed from the ground up by European engineers to satisfy Europe’s stringent privacy regulations.

We have been certified by ePrivacy of Hamburg, Germany, to conform to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), and are re-certified biennially.

Measure foot traffic without cameras.

BlueFox measures real time foot traffic by using Wi-Fi probes from mobile phones as a proxy for people.  

We measure numbers of visitors, visits, and visit dwell time.  We measure unique visitor counts and their recurrence rates.  Our sensors offer ethernet, Wi-Fi, or cellular backhaul.  

A unified platform

We bring together hardware sensors, cloud analytics, and visualization tools to instrument your bricks and mortar location.

Know your visitor counts in real time.  Measure numbers of visits, visit dwell times, and unique visitors to better plan operations, schedule staff, and manage demand.

Built for real-world needs



Delivers foot traffic analytics to better manage both staffing and demand



Helps service providers that want to optimize capacity planning

OOH Advertising


Quantifies reach for out-of-home advertising, including DOOH marketplaces

Global reach

We process billions of human contacts per year, using cloud clusters on three continents. Our customers include leading brands in advertising, retail, and dining services, from SMBs to F-500 enterprises. We’re the world’s leading provider of WiFi-based visitor counting and our technology is protected by 10 patents.


Highly accurate

90% accuracy is typical, with excellent scaling into many hundreds of visitors

Privacy friendly

No personal info is captured—only the presence of a mobile phone

Easy to install

Connect the sensor to the internet and see realtime counts in our mobile app

Rapid integration via APIs

RESTful APIs provide quick integration into websites, dashboards, other apps

Get started today

Reach out to us — we’re here to help.

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