Actionable Real-Time Mobile Phone Sensing

Finally, real solutions for physical spaces

True solutions for businesses

Finally with BlueFox, brands and retailers can immediately analyze their in-store traffic in real-time. Measuring the impact of changes to window displays or store layouts is a snap with BlueFox Store. Online retailers could always see that data. Now you can too.

Our patented technology makes it possible for brands and stores to sense, know, and engage in a very simple manner, with no app, in real time, and all in a privacy-friendly way.

Brands can now have time-sensitive data on ads or promotional impact in retail. We bring them a simple solution to share coupons at the moment of truth, just like what’s possible in the digital world.

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We help brands and retailers sense, know, and engage with traffic

Our solutions are simple, privacy-friendly and real-time.

The solution for hosts, designed by hosts

Parents, property managers and short-term rental hosts gain peace of mind by knowing how many guests are in their home at a given time. Over-capacity and unexpected parties pose serious legal, financial, and home-repair risks and liabilities. We are offering the first solution to help protect homes from party disasters.